Four Fixes for Phenomenal Health: PART THREE

We have already discussed your body's need for super hydration and super sleep. Before moving on FIX #3, we should check in and see how the first 2 fixes are working for you. Are you drinking 3-4 quarts of water daily? Are you sleeping 7-8 (or more!) hours each night? If not, take the time now to make those changes before trying to conquer any other habits. Adding one new habit to your life is hard enough. The more things you try to change all at once, the more likely you will be to fail. So get each new habit firmly in place before moving forward on your journey to phenomenal health!

Our next fix addresses your diet. You already know what you put into your mouth has an enormous impact on your health. Eating crap will make you feel like crap. So it goes without saying that eating well--eating whole, nutritious foods--will make you feel better. But which foods, exactly, are going to bring about phenomenal health?

FIX #3: Super Greens. Yes, I'm talking about kale. And spinach. And collards. Mustard greens and beet greens. Watercress and parsley. I'm talking about LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES. At least four servings of leafy greens each and every day.

You've heard the term "superfood" before, right? Well, leafy greens are at the tippy top of the superfood list. And for very good reason! Leafy greens are among the most nutritious foods you can consume. Ounce for ounce, dark greens like kale and collards contain more nutrients--and a wider variety of nutrients--than any almost other food. (Animal foods like organ meats, especially liver, give greens a run for their money, though!)

If you hate leafy greens and never eat them, you will need to start out slowly. Maybe add one serving per day, and increase as you feel comfortable. I recommend choosing baby greens: baby kale, baby spinach, etc. Younger greens have a more mild flavor and a more pleasant texture. You can purchase these already triple washed at most grocery stores. You can put your baby greens in a salad, on a sandwich, in soup, or in a smoothie. You can gently saute your baby greens in coconut oil or grassfed butter. You can blend fresh parsley and/or basil into a pesto to spread on a sandwich or on your pasta. So many possibilities!

Even if you love leafy greens, and already eat some every day, I'm guessing four or more servings will be more than usual. Try adding greens to your breakfast, maybe in a shake or smoothie. Add a small salad to your lunch. Throw a handful of greens into your soup or stew at dinner. Drink a green juice--homemade or store bought--with one of your meals or snacks.

Increase your intake of leafy greens and your body will thank you! When you get this habit down, it will be time to move onto FIX #4...