Half-Ass Your Weight Loss!

I'll bet you think that putting in HALF the effort, when it comes to your diet and exercise, will produce zero results. Probably not even worth doing, if you're not going to stick with the plan at every single meal, every day of the week, right? But this is just not true. Half-assing your weight loss might be the way to go!

Let's put it this way: if you eat 3 meals per day, 7 days per week, that's 21 meals. (See how I did that math in my head?!?) And you might stick to your diet for only 2 out of 3 meals per day, or 66% of the time. (This is even better than half-assing! This is two-thirds-assing!) So by the end of the week, you ate the right amount of food, and the right combination of nutrients, at 14 meals. Not too shabby! Can you lose weight on this plan? YES!

And the same goes for your fitness plan. Let's say you decide to exercise for an hour every day, 7 days per week. But you get busy or tired or sore, so you ditch your workout 3 times per week. You're still getting 4 hour-long workouts in per week. This is nothing to sneeze at! 

The bottom line is: improving your diet or your fitness is not an all-or-nothing proposal. You can half-ass your weight loss program and still make progress. Don't give up and throw in the towel just because you don't stick to your diet plan at every meal. Don't quit your workouts just because you miss a class here and there.

No one is perfect. (Or if they are, they are seriously boring!!) We all screw up, make mistakes, fall down, and get frustrated. Just pick yourself back up again and keep going. Your next meal or your next workout is an opportunity to start fresh, all over again.

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