Workout Alerts: A FREE APP

Yesterday, I read an article about how sitting is not the new smoking. No, sitting per se is not the culprit. Everyone blamed sitting, so Outside magazine switched to standing desks. They thought standing would be the answer. But standing still is only marginally better than sitting still. Because the problem is the STILLNESS.

So what is the answer? Movement, of course.

Around the world, people who live the longest are people who move their bodies throughout the day. Continuous movement is the key. Whether you are a sheepherder in the mountains of Sardinia or a fisherman in Japan, being outdoors and moving from sunrise to sunset means you might even live past 100.

The journalist who wrote the article for Outside magazine wanted to move more throughout the day. So he downloaded an app which buzzed at random intervals and assigned the user a specific exercise. Although the app he used is no longer available, I was able to find something similar called Workout Alerts.

Workout Alerts is a FREE app that buzzes numerous times each day and gives you an exercise to do. There is a funny robot-type guy who shows you what the exercise looks like. While it doesn't offer specific instructions about HOW to do this exercise, it's perfect for people who are already well-versed in bootcamp style athletics.

Yesterday, I received a total of 8 different exercises. 3 were push-ups, or some variation on the push-up. The rest were side-plank dips, triceps dips, single-leg deadlifts, leg lifts, and brisk walking. This morning, I was assigned a series of squat jumps. I was wondering when we were going to get to the squats!

So far, I really like this app. It reminds me to get up off my butt and MOVE numerous times per day, which is exactly what I wanted. It offers plenty of variety when it comes to the exercise assignments. Since I'm already familiar with the options, I'm fine with the lack of instructions. It gives me points every time I complete an exercise, but I don't think I can redeem the points and win prizes. That's okay, since my health is the real prize. (Insert smiley face here.)

I don't think this app is a replacement for any of the other fitness activities I already do. I am adding this on top of my normal teaching routine, plus dog walking, stretching, foam rolling, etc. The reason is that running 45 per day (or teaching a Fit Jam class) then sitting still for 8 hours is not the recipe for great health and fitness. Hitting the gym every day after work doesn't erase 8 hours of stillness. The answer is GET UP AND MOVE frequently throughout the day.

Other options discussed in the article were: park as far away as possible from your office building; take the stairs whenever you can; schedule a walking meeting instead of sitting around a table; pace while you're talking on the phone; get on a treadmill in front of the TV. I'm sure you can think up many more possibilities! Just GET UP AND MOVE!

Any questions?