Hot Lemon Water

During the winter, our bodies tend to get dried out. The air is less humid to begin with, and forced air heating can lower the humidity level even more inside our homes. Our skin becomes dry and cracked, our throats become dry and sore, we tend to catch colds more easily, and we drink less water.

I know even when I make an effort to drink more water, I am still lagging behind in the amount my body needs. Ideally, we should be drinking 3-4 liters per day, depending on body weight, activity level, and diet. But most of us fall well below this level. Especially in the winter, we may not feel as thirsty and therefore drink less.

In the winter, we tend to crave hot beverages. We end up drinking more coffee and tea than we do in the summer. Because these caffeinated drinks are also diuretics, we then excrete more water. This can become a vicious cycle, where we keep drinking but end up more and more dehydrated.

This morning, before drinking my first cup of coffee, I had a large mug of hot lemon water. This is quick and easy to prepare (only 2 ingredients!) and it tastes great. In addition to providing some much needed hydration first thing in the morning, it is also warm and comforting. Yet it contains zero calories.

If you prefer, you can add flavorings to your hot lemon water. Honey or maple syrup can be added as a sweetener. Cayenne pepper or freshly grated ginger can add some spicy heat. Or if you're a purist, you could sip on plain hot water with nothing added at all.

This recipe is a bit of a joke:

1 cup hot water
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

Makes one single serving. Enjoy!!!