Body Weight Exercises Everyone Must Do!

Body weight exercises are strengthening movements you can do without any equipment. Because you are moving your own body weight, these exercises are great for everyone, but particularly effective for people who weigh more. If you are obese, body weight exercises will make you immensely strong! But everyone can and should be doing these exercises.

Why? Because being strong will help you in so many ways.

Older folks need muscle mass in order to live longer. It's the norm for people to lose muscle as they age, but this is not inevitable! Strength is needed in order to balance and avoid falls. Strong muscles make bones stronger, too. Keeping your body strong and mobile will keep you independent for longer (maybe for the rest of your life!) and out of assisted living and nursing homes.

Younger folks need strong muscles, too! Even if you never need to throw a spear or outrun a saber-tooth tiger, you will be more effective and more efficient at everything you do if you are strong. In addition, you feel and look better with strong muscles. Strength affects not just your physical body, but also makes you feel more powerful and capable mentally and more positive emotionally. Our minds and bodies are intimately connected!

In order to get and stay strong, here are a few body-weight exercises you can do at home with no equipment. You can start with an easy version and work your way up to more challenging versions.

1) Push-ups. Most women hate to do push-ups because most women lack upper body strength. There is no reason for this, besides a lack of practice. Start with the easiest type of push-up: leaning against a wall or kitchen counter. Bend your elbows and hug them in close to your rib cage. Do sets of ten, several times a day, until ten push-ups feels easy for you. Then choose a lower surface, like the back of the couch or the seat of a sturdy chair. Eventually you will make your way down to the floor. Once those are easy, you can begin to raise your feet onto a higher surface!

2) Step-ups. This exercise involves stepping up onto something higher than the floor. You can use the bottom stair in your staircase, or anything that is very stable. At the park, you can use a bench for more challenge. Start with ten step-ups on each leg. Don't step onto anything that might tip over! When you become proficient at step-ups, you can add a hop at the top!

3) Squats. If you only do one exercise on this list, you should pick this one. Squats are fantastic for strengthening the major muscle groups of the lower body. If you have trouble with squats, start by just sitting into a chair, then standing up again. Try sets of ten. When you get strong enough, instead of sitting down just tap your butt on the seat of the chair. Soon you won't need the chair at all. Try to squat so that your hips end up as low or slightly lower than your knees. When regular squats become easy, try squat-jumps!

4) Lunges. Another fabulous strengthener for the lower body. Start by taking a big step forward, keeping your front knee directly over the ankle--front knee is bent, back leg is mostly straight. Then bring your back leg forward, stepping your feet together. Switch legs and take another big step forward. If this is too hard, try stepping backwards into your lunge. You can also hold onto the back of the couch or a stable surface. Do sets of ten with each leg. When you get stronger, go deeper so that your back knee touches the floor on each lunge.

These four body-weight exercises are great for beginners, as well as seasoned athletes. You will never be too weak or too old to do some version of these strength moves. If you're worried about falling over or injuring yourself, start small. Or get yourself a coach.

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