Fancy Finds at Aldi

Ever since I discovered the joys of shopping Aldi, I have given up all other grocery stores. No, that's not quite true. I still love Trader Joe's. But for most of our weekly shopping, Aldi is my new go-to place. The prices are the best. The selection is more limited than other stores, but you can find most of the basics. They have lots of organics, too.

This week I found some new stuff!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I like sprouted wheat bread. Aldi does carry this, but I recently discovered a very different bread. It's a traditional German rye bread, very thinly sliced and super moist. It contains whole rye kernels, and comes in several flavors, including rye, pumpernickel, and sunflower seed. The slices are also extra long, so one slice (120 calories) can easily be cut in half to make a sandwich. YUM!

Since my posts about the Four Forgotten Superfoods, I've been eating more liver. Aldi's carries another traditional German product called Braunschweiger. It's the same as liverwurst, made from pork liver. It comes unsliced. If you want to add more liver to your diet, this is a very easy and delicious way. I am LOVING a sandwich on my thin rye bread with grassfed cheddar, Dijon mustard, Braunschweiger, and a handful of arugula and spinach. (You can find all of these ingredients at Aldi!)

And next to your sandwich, you can add a couple of these cornichons. These tiny pickles are traditionally from France, but Aldi's are made in India. They're pickled with fresh dill. Crunchy and adorable! Great flavor, too.

Those are my latest finds at Aldi. If you haven't explored the store in depth, keep looking! Every week, I find something new and different to try.