Spring Break Outdoor Bootcamp

For those of you in Howard County, Maryland, I will be offering a 3-week outdoor bootcamp beginning next Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Classes will be Tuesdays and Fridays at 9am in Alpha Ridge Park, weather permitting.

Never tried an outdoor bootcamp before? You are missing out on tons of fun!

During outdoor bootcamp, the entire park becomes our playground. We use the benches and tables, fences and tennis courts, stairs and hills. You get a total body workout, including arms, legs, back, and abs. You will feel like a kid again, exploring all the different structures. Alpha Ridge Park has only just replaced two older playgrounds with brand-new ones, so we will have lots of new stuff to try out.

What do we actually DO?

We meet in a covered pavilion for a warm-up. Once we are warm, we leave the pavilion and travel around the park. Every class is different. We might use the benches for step-ups and box jumps. Or we might spend some time on the stairs--jogging, jumping, sprinting, hop-scotching. Another day, we might use the hockey rink for agility drills--lunges, side to side jumps, half-handstands. Bootcamp will never be boring!

We return to the pavilion for upper body strengthening using hand-held dumbbells. (Everyone brings a set to class.) Then we stretch, work our abs, and finish up. The whole class lasts about an hour.

If this sounds great to you, leave me a message in the comments. Anyone who wishes to participate needs to fill out a mandatory questionnaire and waiver. I can email this form to you ahead of time.

For more information on Spring Break Outdoor Bootcamp, please leave me a message!