Union Memorial Hospital

No one wants to go to the hospital. If you had a choice, you'd probably go out for a coffee or a stroll in the park instead. But if you need surgery, then the hospital is really the only choice. Certainly the only good choice.

But which hospital?

In the Baltimore/Washington area, there are many options. So many, in fact, it can make your head spin. Hospitals now advertise on television! Because there's a lot of competition in this field!

Our family recently experienced the outstanding level of care offered at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. My daughter had surgery there last week.

Of course, it was a long day. She arrived early, and things moved along slowly. She was the last person left in recovery at the end of the evening. But despite the tedious waiting, the worrying, the fear and anxiety, the day was made bearable by all the caring people working at Union Memorial.

Everyone, including the doctors, nurses, and staff of every kind, were all smiling. Everyone seemed happy to be there, doing their jobs. When my husband got lost, a staff person stopped what they were doing and walked him all the way to the exit he needed to find. The nurses were extremely kind, caring, patient, and thoughtful.

Spending time in a hospital usually means someone is sick or hurt. You or your friend or relative might be in pain, suffering, uncomfortable, and frightened. You want and need the best medical care possible, and this is certainly what you will get at Union Memorial. But beyond that, you will also receive kindness and compassion. You will be treated like a unique and valuable individual. Your experience will be as positive as a hospital visit can be.

I am extremely grateful for the guidance we received in order to choose the best surgeon as well as the best hospital. Thank you to everyone who works at Union Memorial for your outstanding level of care!