Do This TODAY to Lose Weight

Every five minutes, a new diet is born. Maybe even more frequently than that! The old diets quietly slink away to die in some neglected corner while the new diets parade around, showing off their shiny new formulas. Are these brand new diets really better than the diets we were reading about last year? In some cases, the answer might be yes. In many cases, the new diets are not so new. Just polished up versions of another diet that no one gets excited about anymore.

Without starting a new diet, there are many things you can do TODAY to kick start your weight loss process. Without going out and buying a bunch of new fitness equipment. Without investing in a personal trainer. Without buying a Fit Bit. Without running to the store for strange green smoothies blended by Martians.

Weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need a degree in microbiology or a cardiac monitor. There are a few simple steps you can take to get your body on track. Follow these 5 steps and begin to lose weight TODAY.

STEP ONE: Go to bed earlier. Set your bedtime at 10pm AT THE LATEST! The sleep you get before midnight is more restorative, so earlier bedtimes can make a big difference to your stress levels, and thus your hormonal levels, which in turn have a huge effect on hunger, cravings, and weight loss. Sleep is the key! And it costs NOTHING to get to bed early and reap those benefits.

STEP TWO: Drink more water. I sound like a broken record, but when you drink enough water, every part of your body works better. Your heart has less stress when pumping your blood, your digestive system functions better, toxins are eliminated more effectively, your muscles work better, your joints hurt less, even your brain works better! Water contains ZERO calories. And water is FREE! (Or close to it...)

STEP THREE: Move more. Sitting on your butt does nothing for your metabolism. To burn more calories, you must move! So get up off the couch and get started. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Get in the pool and swim a few laps. Do a set of air squats (just body weight) or lunges. Climb up and down a set of stairs. Push the vacuum around for an hour. Weed the garden. Make moving more a part of your daily routine.

STEP FOUR: Make your meals at home. Put yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to your nutrition. Eating out leaves you out of control. Fast food and restaurant food is notoriously high in calories, high in carbs, high in cheap vegetable oils, and lacking in nutrition. Let eating out be for a special occasion. For your daily meals, cook at home and save money and your health!

STEP FIVE: Stop eating earlier. 8pm is the cut off. Earlier is even better, but might not be doable for everyone. I find 8pm is almost always possible. If you are a habitual late night snacker, start by reining in that habit. You will reduce gastric reflux, improve the quality of your sleep, digest your food better, and begin to lose weight.

That's it! Make these simple adjustments and reap the benefits TODAY!

If you need help putting together a plan for your continued weight loss, leave me a message. I have room in my schedule for a few new personal training and/or weight loss clients.