Primal Kitchen Salad Dressings

Did you know you can purchase products specifically made for those on a Paleo diet? Also great if you are Pegan! (Check out yesterday's blogpost about the Pegan diet: Paleo plus vegan!)

My daughter ordered a 3-pack of salad dressings from Primal Kitchen which included ranch, Greek, and honey mustard dressings. Each bottle (8 ounces) contains no sugar, no soy or canola oils, no artificial sweeteners, no crap. The dressings are made from 100% avocado oil. The cost was about $18, so clearly not cheap. (Avocado oil is more expensive, and better quality, than those cheap "vegetable" oils like soy and canola.)

How did she like her expensive Paleo salad dressings? Unfortunately, she did not. She said it tasted too much of vinegar.

At first I thought she was just being picky. I tried the ranch and thought it tasted just fine. It didn't have any weird flavors. The consistency was pretty runny, more liquid than I'd expect, but certainly not bad.

Then I tried the Greek dressing. And I was not a fan. It tastes very strongly of vinegar and dried herbs.

We haven't opened the honey mustard yet, but I will hazard a guess that it will also be overly runny and taste mostly of vinegar.

Sure, these dressings are made of quality ingredients and don't rely on sugar or corn syrup for flavor or consistency. But for the price, I want more than just good nutrition. I also want excellent taste!

My solution to the search for delicious salad dressings which don't contain sugar, corn syrup, or soy oil is to make my own. It's so quick and easy to whip up a dressing that I love. I make my own mayo with an immersion blender in about a minute. Use the search feature on this blog to check out my recipes for various salads, including dressings.

Has anyone discovered an excellent salad dressing made from quality ingredients? Please share your recommendations!