Weight Loss Without the Rules

Are you scared of diets? Do you hate the thought of following someone else's meal plans? Have you tried every diet out there and failed every time?

If you answered YES to all (or any) of the above, never fear! I have the answer to your weight loss goals.

Diets like Atkins, Keto, and the Zone all work. They work great for a lot of people. But they only work if you are willing to follow the rules. Some of us love rules. But others are just not rule-followers.

For the rebels out there, weight loss can still be achieved. You can do it YOUR way. And it can work just as well as one of those best-seller diets.

Maybe you don't want to count carbs. Maybe you don't want to give up grains. Whatever. You can still lose weight.

The answer is: Start where you are. Then take one small step to make things better.

Take a look at your daily habits. Do you skip breakfast? Do you hit Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts every day on the way to work? Do you swing by McDonald's on the way home? Do you play video games on your phone all night?

Just pick one of your daily habits and improve it. If you skip breakfast, but find yourself so starving by lunchtime that you gorge on an entire pizza, you might want to make an adjustment. You could try eating a small, nutritious breakfast before work. See if your appetite is under control at lunch. Once this becomes a habit, you can move onto the next issue.

If you tend to rely on fast food most nights, try cooking at home more frequently. If you usually watch 3 hours of television (or other screens!) in the evening, try going for a walk after dinner. Or a bike ride. Or a swim.

Small changes will add up over time. Put new (better!) habits in place and reap the benefits.

Weight loss doesn't have to mean following someone else's rules. Make your own plan!