How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

When the temperature soars, the sweat pours!

We started our Outdoor Bootcamp in the park this week and BOY, we was sweating! Even though it was the coolest day in recent history, and we did our workout at 8am, it was still a sweatfest. A festival of sweat.

Sweating is not a bad thing. It's not something to be avoided. No, sweating is actually a good thing. When we sweat, we excrete toxins as well as water and minerals. The only potential problem with sweating is dehydration.

If you plan to exercise in the heat, you just need to be smart. Take some precautions. Think ahead and you will be fine.

(Some people are more sensitive to the heat. If you are overweight or obese, you might overheat more easily. Take this into consideration when you plan your workouts. Pay attention to how you feel. If you start to become dizzy, nauseous, irritable, or just feel yucky: STOP! Get into the shade or the air conditioning. Rest and re-hydrate. Drink a Gatorade.)


1) Drink extra water the night before you plan to exercise in the heat. Cut back or eliminate the alcohol, which dehydrates your tissues.

2) Get up in the morning and drink some sole water (or water with a pinch of sea salt in it) before your tea or coffee. Drink more water than coffee or tea, as both tend to make your body excrete water.

3) Take extra minerals as a precaution. I like to take a Salt Stick (supplement containing sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D) before an outdoor workout. Salt Sticks contain low doses of all these minerals, but give you enough to help your body maintain optimal hydration. Another option is to drink a sports drink like Gatorade.


Continue to stay hydrated by sipping water throughout your workout. Stay aware of how you feel. If you begin to feel sick, dizzy, nauseous, or just yucky, STOP your workout. Have a sports drink available in case you need it.


1) Continue to drink water and/or a sports drink to re-hydrate after sweating.

2) Add salty foods to your post-workout meals, like olives, feta cheese, nuts, seeds, etc. As long as you are drinking plenty or water, the extra salt will just help your tissues stay hydrated.

3) Add juicy, watery foods as well, like cucumbers, melon, berries, etc.

Working out in the heat is only safe if you play it smart. Think ahead and plan for your success!