Simplify Your Weight Loss

Would a chart of your weight loss progress go up and down like a yo-yo? Do you end up gaining more than you lost? Are you sick and tired of the endless dieting? Are you ready to give up all hope?

It's not your fault.

According to Dr. Jason Fung, the traditional weight loss advice we've all heard time and again just doesn't work. "Eat less and move more" is not a formula for weight loss. In fact, eating less (calorie restriction) ends up creating a state of lowered metabolism and increased hunger. This is obviously a recipe for failure.

What works? It's simple! Fasting is the easiest way to lose weight and keep it off.

Why is fasting better than calorie restriction?

First of all, it works. While calorie restriction has been shown in numerous studies to fail, fasting succeeds in helping people lose weight.

Calorie restriction tends to make us MORE hungry. Especially if we are eating frequent, small meals and choosing refined carbs. This formula induces rampant hunger, low blood sugar, grumpiness, and very little weight loss.

While fasting, hunger tends to ebb and flow. We may have hunger spikes, but over the course of a day, hunger will generally dissipate. The longer you fast, the less hungry you will feel. When your body transitions into a fat-burning state, you will no longer feel hungry because you are feeding on your own body fat.

Calorie restriction tends to lower metabolism, body temperature, and over time can even reduce the size of the heart! The longer you spend eating a reduced calorie diet, the lower your metabolic rate will go. So after any long-term stretch of low calorie eating, you set yourself up to regain all the weight you lose. A reduction in metabolism means the moment you eat a few extra calories, you will store those calories as body fat instead of burning them.

How do you turn on your fat-burning mechanism? There are two ways:

1) Follow a ketogenic diet where carbohydrates are kept very low,

2) OR simply fast.

Ketogenic diets are helpful and many people have great success on them. However, following a keto diet is much more complicated than fasting. Both work well, but which are you more likely to follow? A complicated diet with rules that cannot be broken? Or a simple program where all you need to do is not eat?

(Combining the ketogenic diet with fasting is a very powerful way to switch to fat-burning and successfully lose weight. Following keto BEFORE beginning a fast makes not eating much easier! This is because your body has already become adapted to burning fat instead of sugar.)

Are you ready to finally lose weight successfully? Are you ready to burn your own body fat?

If you're looking for support as you make this journey, please get in touch! I am not a doctor, but I can offer weight loss coaching, personal training, and support.