Glory Days

Our last visit to Glory Days on Route 40 in Ellicott City was a pleasant surprise. Friends had told me the burgers were good, but I had low expectations for this franchise. As it turned out, my husband and I liked the place much more than expected. So we went back yesterday for his birthday.

Unfortunately our second experience was less than stellar.

Some key differences: our first visit was on a weekday. Yesterday was Friday, so the place was busier. Not crazy busy, though. We arrived at around 4pm--dinner time for me, but happy hour for most others. Another difference: we now expected something above average.

The burgers were still good. The food seems fairly consistent. I ordered the same burger--the short rib and brisket burger with bacon and cheese. Everything was fresh and the burger was cooked correctly to a nice, juicy, pink, medium temperature.

However, the service was severely lacking.

Our server was young and very timid. Not a horrible offense, but she neglected us completely once we were served. Our drinks sat empty and no one bothered to check or give us a refill. We finished eating and sat there for at least five minutes before anyone noticed.

Meanwhile, there was a crowd of about 5 young staff members standing around the front entrance station, talking and joking with each other. When we walked past them to exit, no one spoke to us. No one even turned a head to acknowledge that we were leaving their establishment.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I would call this very bad service. When you work at a restaurant, your job is to let the customers know they are appreciated. To ignore your customers is beyond rude.

I will certainly think twice before returning to Glory Days. If we do go back, we will definitely avoid the weekends.