Howard County's Best Burger

I've been searching for the best burger in Howard County for YEARS. And the search continues...

Although I don't go out to eat all that frequently, when I do, I often choose a burger and fries. My students usually find this shocking! (I teach yoga and fitness classes, so people think I only eat kale and quinoa.) At home, yes, I eat a lot of salads and superfoods. But when I go out, I like to eat stuff I almost never make at home.

The best burger place I've ever found had to be Bistro Blanc. I am STILL sad this place closed. SUCH a bummer! Their burgers were over the top. The meat was fresh and local, grass fed, and fabulous. The buns were baked from scratch. They made the pickles in house. And the fries were also to die for, with fresh rosemary and garlic, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Everything we ate was consistently fantastic every time.

Bistro Blanc set the bar REALLY high! In my quest to find another burger of this caliber, I have only been disappointed.

Victoria's used to be a close runner-up, but their portions have shrunk while their prices have gone up. The atmosphere there has also become way too noisy for me. People at the bar are rowdy during Sunday brunch, for goodness sake! It's just not somewhere I enjoy spending time anymore.

White Oak Tavern used to be a whole lot better, too. On our last visit, the burgers were overcooked, and the toppings were ice cold.

We have yet to visit The Brewer's Art in Highland. It's on the list, but the reviews have been very mixed. I figure I'll give the kitchen a little more time to settle in and find it's feet.

But our latest burger at Glory Days on Route 40 in Ellicott City stacked up pretty darn well in this ongoing burger competition.

My hubby and I opted for 2 different burgers. He ordered the mushroom/Swiss/onion combo while I went for a seasonal special: brisket and short rib burger topped with cheddar and peppered bacon ($11.99). All burgers come with fries and a pickle, but you can substitute other sides if you wish. Of course, we chose the fries.

Our burgers were cooked perfectly, to the medium temperature we specified. This is surprisingly rare! The meat was juicy. The toppings--lettuce, tomato, red onion--were fresh. The bun was quite soft, but also very fresh. The fries were not the super skinny type, and were somewhat mushy, which made me happy. I'm not a fan of skinny, crispy fries.

The service was very good: friendly and efficient. The atmosphere was fine--not too loud--and the music was decent. We sat in a comfy booth. There are at least a dozen large TV screens, but you can choose whether or not you hear the sound from any of them.

Our two burgers, fries, and drinks (non-alcoholic) came to about $30. Pretty good bargain. I brought home half my burger for tomorrow's lunch, which makes it an even better bargain!

I'd give Glory Days burger a B plus. Nothing too fancy, but cooked right. I'd say with a few more special ingredients, this burger could even warrant an A minus.

Do you have any recommendations for a great burger place in Howard County? Let me know!