Brew Burger

Yes, today is the first day of the 800-gram challenge. But my hubby and I went out for a burger yesterday. We thought we'd better get our junk food in before starting the new "powered by plants" program. And we are still on a quest to find the best burger in Sarasota County.

Brew Burger is a local chain with 2 locations. We visited the one on Venice Island, right next to the Publix, on Tamiami Trail. The restaurant itself is nothing to get excited about. Perhaps a step up from a fast food joint, but not much better than that. We arrived at 2pm on a Sunday and the place was empty. This was fine with us.

The service was prompt (as it should be with zero other customers!) and friendly. We ordered iced tea, although Brew Burger has plenty of brews to choose from, as well as other alcoholic beverages. I would not recommend the iced tea. It had just about no flavor at all.

My hubby and I ordered the same burger. This is typical. Even with a huge selection of burgers, we both went for the "Ollie G" for $10.99. All burgers come with a side. I chose the sweet potato fries for an extra buck while my husband went with the regular fries.

The Ollie G. comes loaded with bacon, garlic herb cheese sauce, and a scoop of olive tapenade, in addition to the lettuce, tomato, and onion. Our burgers were stacked high with toppings and cooked perfectly to order. Unfortunately, the buns were your average store-bought hamburger buns--too soft and mushy. The flavors were all good, but I strangely felt like my burger could have used more fat. I think the cheese sauce was a little thin.

The sweet potato fries were fat logs, soft as they should be. I would definitely order them again. My hubby gave his regular fries an 8 out of 10, so I think they were very good.

In addition to the regular burgers, Brew Burger has an assortment of half-pound burgers. Some of these come on a pretzel bun or double grilled cheese sandwiches. I realize in hindsight that I should have gone for one of these. Next time I will!

Because I feel Brew Burger deserves another chance to wow us with their burger prowess. I'd only give the Ollie G a B, but I think I missed their A-game.