Fight Off Colds and Flu

Did you know stress can deplete your stores of zinc? And zinc is vital for protecting your immune system and preventing your body from succumbing to colds and flu.

I recently learned this the hard way. After months of intense stress--from taking our daughter to the emergency room way back in March to helping her through surgery to repair her shattered ankle to getting our house on the market to quickly selling it and having to move six weeks before we had planned--I'm guessing my zinc levels had hit rock bottom. So of course I got sick.

A little too late, I learned about elderberry supplements. According to several studies, elderberry is a natural supplement that can help protect your immune system and possibly prevent colds and flu viruses from taking hold. And if you do get sick, elderberry seems to help folks recover more quickly.

When I went to Walmart to search for elderberry, I found these gummies.

In addition to elderberry juice powder, they also contain zinc citrate and additional vitamin C. There is sugar added, but only one gram per gummy. If you prefer to use elderberry syrup, this is available at many natural food stores.

In additional to elderberry, there are many other natural remedies that are effective for either preventing or easing symptoms of colds and flu. Zinc supplements help restore the body's zinc levels if stress has depleted them. Chicken soup or bone broth has been shown to ease symptoms of congestion. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, killing many types of bacteria. And using a neti pot to irrigate the sinuses can help reduce congestion.

Overall, taking good care of yourself is an excellent insurance policy against illness. Eat healthy stuff, move around enough, and live tobacco free. (This was a motto my children learned in elementary school. It has stuck in my head ever since. And it is pretty good advice.)

How do you fight off a cold? Do you have a family recipe for a natural cure? I'd love to hear about it!