Sand Sculptures

Yesterday was the final day of the festival on Siesta Beach in Sarasota. My mom wanted to see the sand sculptures so we picked her up after lunch.

I was surprised how easy it was to find a parking spot! Siesta Beach is consistently rated one of the best beaches in the US. Parking is still free, but can often be difficult to find. When we walk on this beach, we try to go early.

These sand sculptures were created by artists from all over the world. Some are team efforts and some are by individual artists. In addition to the sculptures, there were booths with artists selling jewelry, clothing, and other creations. Food trucks were ready to serve hungry patrons.

The weather was absolutely perfect for strolling on the sand. The sun was muted by thin cloud cover, and a gentle breeze kept us cool and comfortable.

Because of the glare from the sun, I couldn't see the screen of my phone. I took all these photographs basically blind! Luckily, most of them came out much better than I expected.

I apologize for neglecting to make note of the artists' names! If anyone has this information, please leave it in the comment section.