Split: A Coven Cafe Mystery is on Inkitt!

It's been a long time coming.

I took a break from writing and editing my novels for most of 2019. There was just too much going on in my life, and I couldn't concentrate on writing. After getting our house on the market, getting it sold, packing up, and moving to Florida, I am starting to settle down again. And I have returned to writing.

Split, the fourth novel in my Coven Cafe Mystery series, is now available for you to read for FREE!

After lots of thinking, and even splurging on a professional editor for my first novel, I decided not to try to self-publish, or get some traditional publisher or agent interested in my work. Too time-consuming, too stressful, too much of the kind of work I just hate! This way, anyone who is interested can read my work for free. If you feel like leaving feedback, you can. If you don't like my work, you haven't wasted any money!

I began writing this series about ten years ago. It has been fun for me to remember Nyack, the town where I grew up, and the late 80s, the time when I moved back there to live with my mom very briefly, during grad school. The Coven Cafe was a real place, an awesome restaurant and bar, but is now long gone from Main Street. Many, if not most, of the other places in my novels are also real. If you're from Nyack, you will recognize the settings, but not the people. Because the characters in my novels are 100% invented.

In this fourth installment of the romantic saga of Ian and Angelica, you will find our would-be lovers struggling. Their relationship has hit a rough patch. Ian has had tremendous success in capturing several serial killers--with Angelica's help--and the women of Rockland county are starting to take notice. When Ian can't seem to find the connection between the victims, he turns once again to Angelica and her sister Erica for help. The consequences of his choice are not at all what Ian, or readers, expect.

I hope you enjoy Split!