I'm Teaching Online Now!

For all of my former students, and all my current and future students, I am now offering online classes!

During this stressful time, many of us are staying home most of the day. Our regular fitness routines have been disrupted. Gyms, dojos, studios, and YMCAs are all closed. Our regular classes have been cancelled. I don't know about you, but I would go batty without a regular exercise routine.

I am so thankful for Randi Maltz-Green and her local studio Pilates with Randi. She has been so kind and generous to offer me space in her studio and time to record my classes on Facebook Live. It is thanks to Randi that I'm able to offer you these FREE classes during this first week of online teaching.

In order to access my free classes, you need to get on Facebook. (Sorry to everyone who wishes to avoid Facebook!) Ask to join the group Pilates with Randi. You will then see all the classes offered on a daily basis through Facebook Live. The studio offers a wide variety of classes, including Pilates mat classes, yoga, fusion classes, high intensity interval training, and relaxing stretch and meditation classes. Everything is free during this first week of online classes! You can watch each class live, as it is being recorded, and then any time during that same day.

On Thursday March 26 at 11:15am, I will be offering Grounding Yoga. This practice will emphasize connecting with the Earth through a series of grounding and centering movements and poses. There will be lots of deep breathing and releasing tension. This class will work for all levels. Beginners are welcome!

As with all classes I teach, whether online or in-person, it is crucial for each student to take responsibility for his/her own body and choices. Please keep this in mind as we practice together. Don't do anything that hurts. If your doctor has told you not to do particular movements or poses, please heed those recommendations. Avoid injury by making smart choices. Pushing yourself too hard or too fast or too far will only result in pain and frustration when you end up injured!

I hope you will choose to join me online. These are stressful times. Many of us feel isolated, lonely, and sad. Bringing some love, joy, and peace into your homes and into your hearts is my mission!