Qi Gong Practices for Immunity

During this current crisis, most of us are searching for ways to protect our health. Many people are staying home, avoiding crowded stores, wearing masks, washing their hands. All these things might prevent us from coming into contact with the virus. But there is more we can do.

In addition to avoiding exposure to corona, we can boost our immune systems in order to better fight off pathogens we encounter. There are many steps we can take to strengthen our bodies' immune response.

Our overall health is a good indicator of how strong our immune systems are. If you tend not to get sick very often, chances are your immune system is working well. If you already eat a healthy diet of mostly whole foods, you're on the right track! If you exercise daily, you're doing even better! If you get outside in the sunshine, breathe the fresh air, spend time in nature, this will help.

Even if all these factors are in place, you might want to add some extra insurance to your health plan. And qi gong exercises for immunity might give your body and mind some additional comfort and peace.

Qi Gong exercises are based on Chinese medicine. These practices have been around for thousands of years. Similar to yoga, the whole purpose of practicing qi gong is to enhance your health and wellbeing. Also similar to yoga, the breath is vital to this practice. But qi gong is easier for older adults, involves standing positions rather than seated and prone poses, and is very gentle on the joints.

I am now combining yoga with qi gong in my online classes. Each of my 45 minute classes will begin with some qi gong exercises to help boost immunity. These gentle movements stimulate the energy in various organs, as well as strengthening the bones, and deepening the breath.

I am teaching yoga with qi gong on Mondays at 12:15-1pm and Fridays at 11:15am-12noon. However, if you sign up for either class, you will receive a link and can watch the class any time within 24 hours. You must sign up at least 30 minutes BEFORE each class begins to receive the link. Each class is $8 when you purchase an individual class. There are also packages available to reduce the cost per class.

Go to www.pilateswithrandi.com to sign up for my Heart-Centered Yoga. Each class will include a qi gong practice in addition to familiar yoga poses.

Let me know what you think of this combination!