More Netflix and Chilling!

I got to the Netflix party late!

We've only had Netflix for a couple of months. We wanted to watch Ozark because we're huge fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. (If you don't mind a "little" violence, these are two of the most brilliant shows out there.) Ozark is similar in some ways, but doesn't compare when it comes to the quality of the writing. Sad, but true.

Since finishing Ozark and Tiger King (fascinating, but extremely difficult to watch!) we have moved on to sampling some other Netflix shows.

The Kominsky Method is a fantastic option! The storyline focuses on a couple of men moving past middle age into their later years. They deal with prostate problems, the death of loved ones, cancer, addiction, and other heavy topics with a hefty dose of humor. The subject matter might not always be uplifting but the writers manage to lighten up every scene. Cameos by Danny Devito as the proctologist and Alison Janney playing herself make the show even more hilarious.

Another choice that has a lot in common with The Kominsky Method is After Life, created by and starring Ricky Gervais. He plays a recently widowed 50-something who has nothing left to live for. Again, the subject matter sounds depressing but is addressed with loads of humor. If you don't mind copious cursing (especially a 4-letter "c" word which is used in every other sentence) you will have a blast watching After Life.

If you love gritty, realistic detective shows, you have to check out Bosch. Fans of The Wire (probably the best crime drama ever made!) will appreciate this cop show based in Los Angeles. Sorry, it's not on Netflix! You can find it on Amazon Prime. We're currently watching Season 6, so there's plenty to catch up on if you haven't started yet!

What else have you discovered on Netflix? I have a LONG list of shows I want to check out. I'll be sure to let you know if I discover any more gems!!