Strengthen Your Immunity

Corona virus is here to stay. No matter how long we stay at home, wash our hands, and avoid touching our faces, we will still need a strong immune system to fight off infection if and when we eventually come into contact with any virus or other pathogen. Avoiding other people is a temporary solution. How long can we hide inside our homes? Months? Years??? A long-term strategy needs to include building up our immune systems so we can handle whatever life throws our way.

In a nation where more than two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese, something has clearly gone very wrong. Health has not been the number one priority for most Americans. Is it any wonder that our nation has been hit hard by this virus?

Carrying around too much weight is taxing on every system of your body, including the immune system. People who are obese tend to have more autoimmune disorders, which is one way in which the immune system can malfunction. Many autoimmune diseases seem to be linked to gut issues, and the gut is where approximately 70% of our immune system lies. A healthy gut = a healthy immune system. And gut health depends on many factors.

The gut biome relies on good bacteria. And good bacteria can be added to your diet through foods with live probiotics. These foods include yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, and any raw foods that have been fermented but not processed or heated. Check the label to be sure your choice contains live, active cultures. We make sauerkraut at home in order to add more probiotics to our diet. This is just one example of a simple food that is easy to make from scratch and will benefit your gut.

Your gut also needs prebiotics. These come from fiber in most fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains. The bacteria in your gut feed on different types of fiber. It's a good idea to consume a wide variety of plant foods in order to keep your gut--and the rest of your body--healthy.

Other things you can do to boost your immune system? 

* Get enough sleep! 7-8 hours is best, but naps can also help!

* Drink more water. Your gut needs plenty of water to keep everything flowing smoothly.

* Reduce stress. Practice yoga, qi gong, t'ai chi, deep breathing, and/or meditation. 

* Get out into nature. Go for long walks and feel the sun on your skin. Vitamin D is vital!

* Enjoy leisurely meals with loved ones. Eat slowly and mindfully. This might even result in weight loss!

The choices you make every single day have a huge effect on your health and immunity. Even a few small changes can make a big difference. Put your health first and reap the rewards!