The Best Iced Coffee in Venice

After an hour of early morning beach yoga, an iced coffee really hits the spot. Finding the best beach yoga is easy--just check out Venice Beach at 8am any morning of the week! But finding a truly awesome iced coffee is a much bigger challenge.

You might think making iced coffee is simple: just brew up a pot of regular coffee and let it cool (or not) and then pour the coffee over ice. The problem with this recipe is the iced coffee gets way too watery. The ice melts and you inevitably end up with a tasteless beverage! Iced coffee needs to be made with extra strong coffee, or espresso, or coffee ice cubes. Luckily, there are a few places in Venice that know how to make it right.

So far, I've tasted iced coffees (and some hot coffees, too) at almost every establishment open at 9am on Saturday mornings. I've had many sad and disappointing brews. I won't name those names. But I will tell you where to get a delicious iced coffee worth the money.

Ciao Gelato is right on Venice Avenue. I haven't tried the gelato because I am not an ice cream person. (I know, I know. How could this be?) But they make a very nice iced coffee using coffee ice cubes. Great trick for keeping your beverage both cold and tasty! They also give a free refill, whether you purchase a coffee to stay or to go! Great service as well as great coffee.

Venice Wine and Coffee Company just off Venice Avenue makes a fabulous cold brew iced coffee ($4). This is a strong brew that stands up to a cup full of ice. Rich and delicious. Highly recommend!

Island Organics (on Miami Avenue) also makes a great cup of cold brew iced coffee ($3.74). If you want decaf, the answer is no. They only make decaf hot coffee.

Do you have a favorite spot for iced coffee? Do you make your own at home? Have you tried cold brew? Let me know!