Yoga for STRENGTH!

As part of my quest for increased strength this year, I have started to add more strengthening components to the yoga classes I am teaching. This includes both the classes I teach in The Studio of South Venice here in Florida and my online classes. If you're looking for opportunities to practice yoga either at home or in Venice, you can check out my schedule at Classes are small and inexpensive. Online classes are a fantastic bargain at $8 per class or even less if you purchase a package!

Yoga is not just for flexibility! Yes, there are many poses designed to stretch your muscles, but there are an equal number of poses that help to increase your strength. If you are new to yoga, there's a good chance you will not only gain greater flexibility from your practice, but also build strength, especially in the upper body. For example, any poses where you bear weight on your hands will increase strength in the arms, chest, and upper back.

I currently teach teach 2 different classes--Yoga with QiGong and Gentle Yoga. 

Just because a class is "gentle" doesn't mean it won't make you stronger! My gentle classes move at a slower pace, include more rest and relaxation, but still attempt to challenge students as much as possible. However, I will always offer alternatives for those with injuries or issues. I believe it is possible to execute a version of every pose, sometimes employing modifications, props for added support, or other alternatives. If you need a gentle class, but still wish to get stronger, these classes are for you!

In addition, there are many different types of STRENGTH!

Yoga with QiGong not only strengthens the muscles, but also strengthens the flow of energy through the body, the immune system, the respiratory system, and overall health. By focusing the breath, and guiding the flow of energy through the various organs and energy centers, qigong strengthens the entire body, not just the muscles. The use of the breath promotes calming and centering, enhancing health by reducing the effects of stress on the body and mind. This practice can promote better sleep, increased healing, and overall wellness. 

In 2021, I hope we can all grow stronger. We will need strength to face this changing world. We need strong bodies to fight off illness. We need strong minds to cope with the ongoing stress of this pandemic. We need strong spirits to rebound from isolation and other hardships from 2020. Let's get stronger together!!